BAS is great

  • Hi,
    my name is Dean from the Uk i have used zennoposter and ubot to make lots of bots in the past.
    BAS out shines them both already! BAS has so many great features already and really stands out.
    As soon as i am back from my travels i will be going for the premium package of BAS ans supporting the community.

  • administrators

    @hermeslabs Hi, thanks for your feedback

  • I agree, this thing is limitless. I used zenno but its slowness/price/bugs/thread limit/unability to publish bots freely was mega annoying.

    I hope you keep updating this thing as it will take my IM to next level <3 Ive been using it only for couple days but already automated article creation (including looking for related kws, videos, images, links and spinning text)

    I am also in the process of recreating all my zenno scripts in BAS

    Keep going !

  • 100% agree with @yourfriendkarol BAS stands out i have even made my own site teaching people how to use BAS it really stands above other bot making tools.

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