Specify manually the DATA-SITEKEY for recaptcha two or make it work better with js evaluation

  • I have a website with recaptcha 2 that specifies key in a different way, like the code I put behind. I can't use the recaptcha 2 new solving method because it says data-sitekey is not present. We need a fix for this please!!

     	 			var onCallback = function(response) {
     	 			var onloadReCaptchaCallback = function () {
     	 	 			grecaptcha.render('grecaptcha', {
    						'sitekey' : 'SITE KEY HERE',
    						'callback' : onCallback,

  • From 2captcha support, they confirm me all the info can correctly be obtained from javascript object ___grecaptcha_cfg . So would be great if BAS gets the info from there, because actually it fails in a lot of sites that do not explicit data-sitekey

  • Anyone can reply?