Failed to load Page during multi-threaded runs only [SOLVED]

  • @hackydunk, bad proxy, need a xml

  • @seedgg I have it set to http

    @root if it was a bad proxy then it wouldn't work in single threaded mode either?

  • @hackydunk Reach threads limit? All questions to your proxy service = )

  • @root I have 10 simultaneous threads service... when I use anything more than a single thread with BAS I get problems

  • @hackydunk, show part of your script.

  • @Antonio

    section(6 /6/,500 /500/,10000 /10000/,0,function(){
    section_start("\u007b\u0022n\u0022:\u0022Initialize\u0022\u007d", 0)!
    _BROWSER_TYPE = 1;

    _call(_on_start, null)!

    section_start("", 360571279)!
    var hash = proxy_parse("ROTATING PROXY IP:PORT")
    if("http" != "auto" ){
    hash["IsHttp"] = "http" == "http"
    var login = ""
    var password = ""
    if(login.length > 0 && password.length > 0 )
    hash["name"] = login
    hash["password"] = password
    set_proxy(hash["server"], hash["Port"], hash["IsHttp"], hash["name"], hash["password"])!

    section_start("", 499752268)!

    Proxy IP:PORT removed for obvious reasons

  • @hackydunk Problem i think in your proxies. I have checked proxies to resource ( before using. There are some public socks5. Try it. socks5

  • @seedgg

    When I run the script with a single thread I get almost zero failures over several hundred runs... Do you think my proxies are not working during multithreading?

    I submitted a support ticket to my proxy provider with some details. Will see what they say

    @seedgg I ran my script multi-threaded with the public proxies you provide me...socks5 and saw a ~66% success/failure ratio

  • @hackydunk yes, it's just a public not stable proxies. It's for test.

  • I'm going to mark this thread as [SOLVED].

    I believe my proxy package is not large enough to support multi-threading.

    See response from my proxy provider below...

    "10 Threads Package is designed just for testing in SEO tools!
    Regular browsers use more than 10 threads and you will get many errors if you use 10 threads package in browser.
    You can check that in this article:

    Please test proxies inside some SEO tool by actually using tool.

    If you visit one webpage it has many elements (css, javascript, external images, etc.) that are parsed with parallel requests (threads) from browser.
    So, for one single tab and one single page browser use a lot of threads - not just one.

    That is why smallest "test" package of 10 threads is not enough for regular surfing in browser or any bot that use browser."

    Thanks everyone!!!