How to optimize my script for rotating proxies.

  • Hi, so i've made a functional and efficient script that creates accounts for a game, then logs into the website, and activates their emails. It works very well and fast with any shared or dedicated proxies, but when I try rotating backconnect proxies i always seem to be spending 5x more on captchas just for it to work. And it is always failing to wait for elements or loading urls. I've tried to not load images on pages, disable keyboard emulation, use javascript where i can, but still i can' t make it efficient enough. I've tried backconnect proxies from: BlazingSeoll, Stormproxies, Proxyrack.

  • Hi Buddy,
    Good question,
    Back connect proxies for me have always had a high fail rate they tend to be very slow, i have used the same services as you listed.

    You have taken great steps to try and get over the problem I also increase the timeout limit.

    I know it does not really answer your question but for me, i only use back connect for non-browser based bots as they work well.

    Then for bots that require heavy lifting, i used dedicated.

    Will keep an eye on the thread to get other peoples views :)