Including Initialization script in each of my projects

  • I am planning to make 10+ scripts for creating different blogs.

    What I loved in zennoposter, is that you could include a project inside a project. So each project (each blogging platform) could have included project called initialization.

    Initialization project would contain:

    • taking random proxy from txt file
    • checking if it works and loads page before 7sec, if it doesnt, picks another proxy
    • sets spintax of things like:
      -- username (blog domain)
      -- password
      -- blog description
      -- article title and article content
      -- email activation settings (pop3,pass,server, etc)
    • and more things that I would have otherwise repeat in each project.

    Is there such feature in BrowserAutomation ? I have been looking but I found nothing. This is really really handy thing because otherwise you will have to repeat same stuff over and over and if in one day you will have to change activation email settings then without this feature you would have to edit every project one by one instead of just editing the initilaization project.

    Thanks in advance!