Working proxies dont load any page

  • I get this output on proxies that are working in other applications.

    alt text

    i tested pages google .com and tumblr. com

    Whats wrong? I loaded proxies from resource, that loaded proxies from text file one proxy:port per line.

    For example works on firefox when checking google com:
    alt text

    I have no clue what I do wrong! I followed tutorial

  • @yourfriendkarol I checked your proxy, everything works fine.
    0_1518701276416_на форум17.png

    0_1518701389625_на форум18.png

  • Thanks buddy! Although I get this error very often, its less of a problem now because I've created "Proxy Checker" that literally tests decimals of proxies in less than a minute.

    However I still wonder why i get this error (what happens quite often), while proxies work for me in other software/browser.

    I have exact settings as you have.

  • looks like proxy is from vpn or some kind . This page appears when you exceed max connection.

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