Flashing thing is annoying to eyes

  • Generally I love BAS but I noticed if your project performs very quick actions then its flashing really quick and its annoying to eyes..

    To not get a headache i minimize the thing when script runs

    Looks like that:
    alt text


  • Well, an example of decent performance in the Record mode. Did you try the Run mode? No UI stuff, just the Log and Reports. The primary goal of the Record mode is to get the project ready for the Run mode.

  • @daemons

    in order to use run mode I have to finish creating the script yet, this involves testing the script, running it over and over. in case of bigger scripts, its really troublesome.

    I do use run mode when I know I wont be making any adjustments.

  • @yourfriendkarol It's still how many debuggers work. Some hide the current execution location until a breakpoint hit, others constantly update it. Especially, "interpreting" ones like BAS. I agree, flickering with dimmed background and dialog popping up could be annoying. A certain request for improvement, but I doubt it'll get a high priority. The dev has so much to implement yet.

  • @daemons

    yes i saw the russian part of the forum lol seems all the automation softwares are made by russians :D. it can wait i am just reporting the issue, i am sure it will trouble many people in the long run.

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