How to set a correct Proxy

  • Hi again,

    I've been trying to scrape proxy (which works) from some free sites.
    Then I save this to a variable called IPthread1 and Portthread1 and assign it with a seperator ":" to Chrome - Proxy.
    Now i've tried multiple sites, but 9/10 proxies won't load and the script just continues (in error block).

    Anyone who knows what proxies I should be looking for? Is it HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 for web browsing?
    Or is there a better method?

    @Antonio @romanbiz

  • I am just using GSA proxy scraper.
    Lets you run internal server and switch Proxy every X seconds. Works nice!

    Unfortunatly CapMonster keeps saying "proxy banned" ;/ 0_1519939636058_ProxyBanned.PNG

  • @Huntenkill said in How to set a correct Proxy:

    Unfortunatly CapMonster keeps saying "proxy banned" ;/

    Capmonster just sends you errors from Recapcha. These free proxies have already been used by 1,000,000 people to solve recapcha. Therefore, they are banned.
    For recaptcha proxy will have to buy. It is unlikely to turn out to use free proxies.

  • @Antonio

    Are you sure? Cause normally when I try to do it on my own IP it says I am banned.
    By accessing it through Proxy on ELITE proxies then it shows the image but then gives -1 status code.
    Proxies are quite "pricy" and I doubt it would be worth it for me $$ wise :').

    Do you know of any service with good/cheap proxies which haven't been used 1.000.000 times :-)?