Gmail script

  • Hello,
    I am looking for an expert with BAS to create and maintain the bot that would work with Gmail accounts. The following are the high level requirement for the first phase:

    1. Take the list of Gmail accounts, passwords, and login to each accounts and do the following;
    2. Change password
    3. Change Gmail account display name
    4. save new info in DB

    I will provide the proxies.

    Next steps will be provided when 1-4 are completed. Gmail account activation is just the trial/test project. Knowledge of Multilogin app, Java and REST will be helpful as I plan to use Multiliogin app in the future as integration is added to the BAS.

    P.S. I speak English and Russian if you have trouble communicating in English.

  • Hi @gerasem

    I got your email and will get back to you shortly i will also add you on Skype.


  • This post is deleted!