Resources arent removed when worker.exe is turned off by Windows

  • I see date when my files are edited.

    Heres my last thread about resources:

    Not sure if that counts as BUG or not BUT I turned off windows by pressing the button in menu start, and it shutted down BAS scripts (that are worker.exe processes).

    Usually, if I would press Exit manually on a script, the text lines from resources would get removed (because I have that option ticked "write file" in resource settings).

    But when I reseted PC there was no change in file modification date. It means lines werent removed.

    So if script worked yesterday for 12h, and its removing the lines after you shut it down properly, but it was turned off improperly (by windows), the changes to file werent saved. Same would happen during crash, and now the script will run for next 12h doing the same lines that it did yesterday because they werent removed.

    Im considering using lists instead of resources and updating the txt file every couple min because thats really troublesome lol. Anyway IMO its undesired effect so im reporting it.

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