I need more Fingerprint Profiles than the 50k you provide

  • I work my bot very hard, 80+ threads, and the service I am botting has banned all the fingerprints BAS provides. All 50,000 of them.. some might slip through here and there.. but I can't afford to let it run if they won't work, because each time I am paying for captcha solve. It is not proxy, or anything else.. I have eliminated every other variable, and it's because I have used up all your fingerprint profiles.. I need more added immediately, or some other solution to where I can add my own.. but for now, the ifngerprint switcher is nearly useless for me... I know you can integrate with Multilogin tool, but as I said.. I am running 80+ threads at once, and that is very resource intensive.. what kind of options do I have? Every second I am not running my bot I am losing $$$ so I need help FAST. Thanks

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    what kind of options do I have?

    I think, that you need to investigate, which fingerprint factors influences registration on your site.
    And try to generate your own fingerprints by changing that factors.