FingerprintSwitcher Issues

  • Hello,

    I purchased FPS Premium and seems good so far except for a few downsides:

    • It enables Flash in some fingerprints and does not respect browser setting (disabled)
    • It has no context to choose OS / Browser version and I end up with Windows Vista and XP, old browser fingerprints which get blocked from start
    • It has no "security settings" for VPN tunnels like it does for Proxy, to detect IP, WebRTC and language (I tried with empty proxy, no avail)

    3rd one I resolved by using 3rd party API to obtain them and overwrite headers, but is not a very elegant solution.

    If anyone has feedback or found solutions let me know.


  • @arcanebyte +1
    Also, its have a big problem with timezone 99% not configured correctly

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