@hrumer13 said in A few questions about how MassTunneler works: Hello. Sorry for my English. (Maybe there is a Russian-speaking support service?) Interested in MassTunneler. I want to buy, but first I have to understand if it is suitable for me for my purposes. I work with programs Hrumer, Xevil, Kay collector and a-parser. Tell me, can MassTunneler be installed on your home PC or do you need to buy a server or VPS for this? How many proxies can you actually get if you buy the unlimited version at once? Are these proxies banned if run through programs such as Hrumer and a-parser? Are the proxies themselves updated while the programs are running? How much is the computer processor loaded when MassTunneler is running and will other programs hang while MassTunneler is running? Can I get a MassTunneler performance test to see if they are suitable for my job? Yours faithfully! Duplicate topic