How to use resouce to click on element.

  • Hi, I'm trying to use a fixed integer resource so the bot will click on element as many times as the user inputs in the resource, any ideas ?

  • @JWilks100 use "while" or "for" cycle

  • I kind of understand what you're saying but not too sure exactly how to set up the loop. I've made some basics loops before but never using the click on element. With the "For" loop I'm setting the "for from" and "for to" as the same integer resource since it's an exact number (3) but when the bot runs it only clicks the element one time. I need to click on the element (resource) amount of times then continue with the rest of script. Sorry if this is basic stuff I'm a newb, any more detail would be helpful.

  • So I figured out a way using a while loop checking a certain element text but if there's a faster/easier way to click an element 3 times that would be much better for me instead of get element text, click, check if element text !=(variable), click, check if element text !=(variable) and then continue script once element text = variable

  • @JWilks100
    Resource: {clicktimes}
    for 1:{clicktimes}
    click element

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