Bot detection dislikes unique canvas

  • So I have targetting a website that does not let me perform actions if canvas is changed (I can only assume it hates 100% unique canvas)

    It works if i don't change the canvas fingerprint... BUT... with enough bots this canvas will be banned... They are using a popular anti bot detection thing, that will surefire flag this canvas hash.

    Is it possible at all to change the canvas in a way that would not be unique.. I.e. make it output the same results as other web browsers.

    I realise it currently adds noise and this approach is totally different, I wonder if its possible without anything super complex. Currently I guess I would need to change the computer the browser is running on, then it would get a different canvas but one that isnt 100% unique. Surely there is a way to replicate this without new PC equiptment

  • Also why does browserleaks return NO CANVAS fingerprint at all... , we cant use default fingerprint as generate by the browser?

  • BASS can't fully change canvas yet. this can only be done with a full-fledged browser and plug-ins that will fully fill canvas, but there is a problem with emulating mouse movement

  • @recorp The developer is now improving the anonymity of the browser and canvas, including

  • @UserTrue did the dev fixed the problem?

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