How to get the value of the parameter from the action "Get all items from cache"

  • The tool itself, which allows you to get all the headers of browser requests and responses, is great. Many users have been asking for such a tool for a long time.I personally was once offered 25K (rubles :D) for implementation, and now it is possible to use it for free and immediately out of the box.
    But here's the problem, as it turned out, many users do not know what arrays, two-dimensional arrays, and associative arrays are...

    So here is an example of getting the value of the required query parameter via the "JSON" module (thank @oyasumi-punpun for your help in composing the jpath expression)

    Use the "Get value" action with the code:

    $..request_headers[?(@[0] == "[[NAME]]")][1]

    the [[NAME]] variable contains the parameter name


    The "Get value" action variable will have the value of the [[NAME]] parameter

    Test script

  • thanks for the tutorial... this just made my day.

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