stop iframe loading

  • Hi guys, any one of you knows how to stop iframe loading ?
    We are able to stop loading jpgs, pngs by using request mask deny, but how about iframe?

  • Using execute javascript action you can set src of iframe to "" so it will load nothing

    document.getElementById('myIframe').src = ""

    , or remove all the iframes using javascript

    var iframes = document.querySelectorAll('iframe');
    for (var i = 0; i < iframes.length; i++) {

  • @niceusername thanks for reply but as I know i cant apply this code while website is loading? right?!
    before or after LOAD event?

  • @ozsuakin Right, but you should know that I don't know how your script is working but i did tell you how to stop iframe loading. Regarding solution there can be two options.

    1. for that you can use wait while element exist action
    2. OR if you want to wait for more than one minute then this code can be helpful
    function waitForElement(id, callback){
        var poops = setInterval(function(){
        }, 100);
    waitForElement("idOfElementToWaitFor", function(){
        alert("element is loaded.. do stuff");

    source :
    after that you can use Wait full page load, i don't think you should use it before so iframe element will be detected early.

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