BAS source code access.

  • BAS build system has been updated. The latest versions of BAS were built with the help of it. Compared to the old one, it has several advantages:

    1. Repositories are not duplicated, all work is done in one place.
    2. The code is updated instantly. No longer need to wait until the repository is updated after the release of the new version.
    3. It is possible to make changes to the BAS by creating a fork and making a merge request.
    4. Multithreaded build is supported.
    5. A new task that allows to collect a modified version of BAS in a separate folder without creating an archive. Convenient for development, compilation takes 10 seconds.
    6. The new build system doesn't depend on external components. In order to build, you need to install only Git and 2 versions of Visual Studio.

    Premium users have access to the source code and the new build system. If you want to gain access, please contact support. The source code of some components is not open, among them: protection system, patches to the browser, server code.

  • This post is deleted!

  • What is server code which is not open?

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