Stable BAS Version

  • Hello,
    What do you think the most stable BAS version?
    For me i used 22.5.1 I tried newer versions but its semees it has some bugs.

    What do you think?

  • All versions I have tried has been working good. Sometimes a few minor issues/bugs happens but that is not strange when you update your codebase and implement new features etc.
    Never had an issue that completely ruined my automation. All releases have been good improvements.
    Maybe you need to learn better how to use automation better!

  • No, I have enough knowledge to do whatever I do.
    But some bugs need experienced users, not a novice one.

    Some problems related to Fingerprints also but as I said you're properly not experienced on advanced things.

  • @Omini You mean you are so advanced not even the program understands you ;)

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