BAS 500 threads

  • Hello, i want a vps to support a lot of threads but i don't know what is the most able to run 500 or 900 threads of bas.

    This VPS is able ? :

    • Windows
    • 4 vCore
    • 8 GB RAM
    • SSD 40 GB
    • 200 Mbps

    because my laptop which have "Intel core i7-3630QM 2.4Ghz" can't running 500-900 threads


  • @J404 it all depends on the BASH script itself.
    the browser is allocated 20 + MB per 1 work stream.

    • one stream for the script itself, resources, and other data.
      all this is in RAM.

    requests via simple http are much cheaper than using the browser.

  • Set the browser Rendering to 75 as you don't need to see what is happening in browser. Saves a lot of resources too.

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