BrowserAutomationStudio 22.7.1 has been released

  • This update solves server connection problems during software installation. As part of this task, the update system has been improved. Here are the list of improvements

    1. Added ability to restore connection and start downloading archive from the place where it was interrupted.
    2. The ability to dynamically change the server to store data or use CDN.
    3. A new server for storing data.
    4. In case of low data transfer rate during update, connection will be restarted from approximately the same place.
    5. Checksum support.
    6. Cleaning old versions after install.

    Unfortunately, the update system cannot update itself. Therefore, some actions will need to be done manually:

    Updating BAS.

    Download the new version from following page and install it manually

    Updating compiled scripts.

    Compile the application in the new version and send it to your users.

    Scheduler update.

    Download the installer from your personal cabinet and reinstall. Alternatively, you can open the scheduler from BAS and agree to an update to 1.5.0

    Updating FingerprintManager.

    Download from your personal cabinet and reinstall.

    In case you are using a script, and developer cannot update it, you can:

    1. Launch a new version of BAS (22.7.1 or later)
    2. Click on "Compile" button.
    3. Enter the name of your script, specify "Private" as the type of script.
    4. Click Ok
    5. Remove the option "upload project on server" and click "Start".

    The resulting script will have a new update system.

    The whole process on the video:

    You can also upgrade by using autoupdater, but in that case new features will not be available to you.

    A memory leak problem when using a proxy was fixed.

    This update solves all connection problems. If you still have problems downloading the archive, please attach the file data/debug.txt (it is located in the folder with the compiled application) and send it to

    Parameter "Min unused cpu to start browser" has been changed from 0 to 20. This will make launching a large number of threads smoother. If the new value does not suit you, you can always return the old one by changing your browser settings.

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