[Questions] About the right way to use BAS

  • Hello,

    I download BAS and I'm really impressed with the functions it give,
    I have some basic questions if anyone can help me please:

    1. When setting a profile, do you need to Apply fingerprint after Creating a profile? And should you Apply the fingerprint before loading the web browser?
    2. Can you use the same profile on multiple bots at the same time with no problems?
      Example: Bot A: Open Google and search for a query, Bot B: Open Gmail...
    3. Is there a way to calculate bandwidth usage of a thread + resources it uses (CPU, RAM...) so we can know the number of threads we can run on a server?
    4. Should you regenerate a new Fingerprint every time you use a profile? (The same profile)
    5. Any advice on how to stay indetectable when using BAS with social media websites and email providers (Gmail, Outlook..)?

    Thank you.

  • @Gamblerio
    2. problems may occur
    3. in a normal Windows task Manager you can monitor processes with the name Worker.exe. each is a separate thread, and you can use them to understand your needs. + there is a common thread of the application where the data is stored in the script.
    5. they use statistics fraud when visiting various sites/services
    4. 1 Fingerprint per profile is enough

  • @tet-vivi Thank you for the answer,
    I didn't understand the answer to the 5th question,
    Also, I've tested the Free FingerPrint Generated by BAS,
    When visiting a website to check leaks, I got that the FingerPrint isn't compatible with the Operation system,
    Any thoughts on what's the best type of FingerPrint to generate social media use?

    Thank you

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