CanvasInspector 1.0.0 has been released

  • This project is required for the work of PerfectCanvas. Using it, you can get the necessary data to request a fingerprint with enhanced canvas replacement. However, the application can be used on its own. It may be useful for those who are researching site protection or want to decide whether to purchase FingerprintSwitcher or not. That is why this software will be released a little earlier than the main update.

    CanvasInspector works like this:

    1. Configure the browser, setup proxy, profile, fingerprint, all this is optional.
    2. Launch browser.
    3. Visit the site we are interested in, perform the necessary actions, for example, create an account.
    4. In the application interface, a table with all requests for receiving canvas data will appear. This table will contain images for which data was requested and code for generating the image.
    5. Save the necessary data, so that later it can be used to get the fingerprint with an advanced canvas replacement.

    You can see the whole process in this video:

    Known issues:

    • Data generation for webgl does not work yet
    • The code sometimes does not appear in the editor. If this happens, you need to resize the window.

    Software is completely free. You can download it using these links:

    Installer -

    Archive -

    The application is written in BAS, after the release of the next version, any owner of a premium subscription will be able to write a similar application.

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