[Question] Using Multiple 4G Dongles on same Computer with BAS?

  • Hello,

    Is there a possible way to use multiple 4G Dongles on the same Computer with BAS where every thread use 1 4G dongle?
    If that's possible, is there also a way to disconnect & reconnect the dongle after the finish of the thread, so the new one will start with a new IP?

    I know there's another way to do it with RaspBerry + A proxy setup,
    But I found it a little complicated and the chance of dongle failing is high.

  • Anyone have any answers?

  • Hi!A used laptop is better than a RaspBerry, there is a problem with installing Windows. You need to search for a working version with an ARM processor. BAS runs on Windows. Although there is a built package for Linux. But there is an earlier version. Yes, it is possible to work with different IP + profil

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