Isn't it the time to support Multilogin again?

  • Hi,

    I've been using BAS for a while,
    I really love the simplicity of the software and what you can do with it,
    But lately, there are more and more problems with working with big websites (Google, Facebook, Instagram...) as they are getting better and better at detecting bots and automation solutions especially when we are working with multiple accounts.
    I've checked Multilogin, and they're going to release a new version that let the developers works with profiles locally (same logic as Profiles in BAS),
    To be honest, I can't find any other solution in the market today that bypass big websites securities like Multilogin,
    Is there a way to support it in the near future?
    I've already started using Selenium & Python to do some automation,
    But the ease of use that provides BAS is really something I want to keep using.

    I will be more then happy to pay for this integration if that necessary to cover the cost of development and maintenance, and I'm sure there are multiple members here who are looking for something similar.

  • Pretty sure BAS > multilogin atm, I've never had an issue and never looked back.

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