BrowserAutomationStudio 22.8.1 has been released

  • The most significant change in this release is the new PerfectCanvas technology. It allows to bypass even the most sophisticated canvas-based antifraud systems. The idea is following:

    • Render canvas on remote machine.
    • Send canvas data to your PC.
    • Replace canvas data inside browser.

    Canvas data is per byte accurate and equals to those which obtained from real device. This include not only pixel values, but also image format settings, compression level, image export options, etc.

    More information about PerfectCanvas is available at following page.

    How to start using?

    Test results:

    Using site


    Pay attention to the following message "it's very likely that your web browser is Firefox and your operating system is Windows.", browser name is obtained not from the user agent, but after analyzing the image. A fingerprint with Firefox was chosen intentionally to ensure that the replacement really works. Please note, that BAS is based on Chrome.

    Gmail signup.


    The first part of the video is registration without PerfectCanvas, the second - with PerfectCanvas. The message at the beginning of the video is affected not only by the results of testing canvas, but also by proxies, phone and much more.

    Also this version contains many fixes:

    • Improved browser performance.
    • Fixed problems with
    • Replacing WebGL2 properties.

    And many more.

    The service is still in beta, so bugs with PerfectCanvas enabled are possible.

  • Another great update, worth waiting :)

  • @support hi, Since yesterday's update BAS is detected as a bot by google,
    I already wrote a post about it :

    It is now impossible to obtain an acceptable score (0.7), my bot worked with a score of 0.7 before the update.

    BAS VERSION : 22.8.1
    OS : WINDOWS 10 64BITS
    *The test project make a loop :

    • Reset Browser
    • Set browser setting
    • Get new fingerprint "Windows7,Chrome" (you need a fingerprintswitcher key...)
    • Apply fingerprint
    • Set proxy (to synchronize language/geolocation/webrtc/timezone)
    • Run google check link
    • Capture score
    • Display score Result in result tab 1 whit a status (PASS or FAIL)
    • Start again (to get and try another fingerprint)

    You you just have to launch it and look in result tab ...

    thank you.

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