[ASK] Need help parse product listing?

  • Hi I want to get the data of each product, but I can't make it work like in tutorial #2


    For the for each what element should I choose as the start loop? I try different element but it doesn't work. I count the element number using "Get Element Count" and it count right but after using it on for each it doesn't works.

    I also try script logic "for" to get the element text

    CSS> :nth-child(1) > :nth-child(1) > :nth-child([[VARIABEL]]) > :nth-child(2) > a > span
    doesn't works either.

    Thank you :-)

  • @rere003 You need to start loop for element which repeats on page. For example, if you start loop on >CSS> div, you will iterate all divs, also you can use >CSS> a as loop to iterate all links.

    Regarding this site, every product has product-list-wrapper class, so you can iterate over >CSS> .product-list-wrapper


    Take a look at this project


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