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  • Hi guys,

    Even If I know that BAS has a proxy checker, I need to do something easy to see if my proxy is blacklisted, and if it's not, then use that proxy to make something.

    I use stormproxies, that has like 10% of blacklisted proxies. They rotate every 5 mins.

    So I apply proxy, enter and check


    the other is YES with a red circle.

    My problem is that i cant manage to pick something to check correctly.

    GET ELEMENT TEXT, and save it in variable BLACKLISTEDNO.

    then if [[BLACKLISTEDNO]] == "No" but it doesnt work. (Any sintax error?, something missing? it's driving me crazy)

    Thanks mates

  • @unaibosch
    what is the value of the variable [[BLACKLISTEDNO]]?

    [[BLACKLISTEDNO]] == "No" //without "if"


  • Thanks, yes I was putting it without the if, but ty.

    The variable loads this:


    So I have make tests with == "No", == " No", == " No", and so on putting some spaces, with no luck.

    I'm thinking now that maybe could work with the Your disguse: 100% text.

  • @unaibosch
    change [[BLACKLISTEDNO]] == "No" to


    or use trim() for delete spaces - "Set Variable" [[BLACKLISTEDNO]] type expression:



  • Oooo, It worked with the index solution. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, mate.

    How does indexof work?

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