Researching sites protection.

  • As part of the promised improvements to browser authenticity, we are also performing research on anti-bot protection and browser fingerprinting systems on various sites.

    We invite our users to send examples of such systems for research. This will help improve BAS in future releases.

    Example must be formatted accordingly:

    1. There must be a clear sequence of actions that leads to the blockage. You need to attach a project. If additional data is needed for reproduction, you must also attach it to the email.

    2. An indicator that the protection has been triggered must be described. For example, when performing an action with an identifier 123 in a project, a message box popups on site.

    3. You need to make sure that protection does not work in a standard browser with a purged history or in incognito mode and write about it.

    An example of a good description:

    Steps to reproduce:

    Open url, click on the "start" button
    Used proxy.

    In Chrome browser

    Button redirects to

    In BAS

    Button redirects to

    Instead of a "Steps to reproduce" secction, you can also send javascript code that is used for verification.

    An example of a bad description: bans BAS.

    Such examples, as well as examples without a description or without a project, will not be considered.

    Also, requests to add new functionality, descriptions of bugs or questions about the use of software will not be considered. There's a premium version for that.

    When considering examples, preference will be given to users with the premium version, for this you need to write from premium email.

    But if there are no requests from premium users, examples from free users will also be considered.

    Your example is not guaranteed to be reviewed or resolved.

    This offer is temporary and will end on September 7, 2020.

    Offer is not limited in time.

    Examples can be sent to this email -

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