• as per request I wanted to know if it is possible to add
    the implementation to solve the new hcaptcha
    also used by Cloudflare

    site https://www.hcaptcha.com/

    thanks in advance of the answer

    have a good day

  • Also Tiktok Captcha please

  • @tet-vivi

    yes i see but have problem whit this plugin for hcaptcha

    need a plugin for hcaptcha work full automated way and with integration

    mouse movement and plus work manual

    like same plugin works for resolve v2recapcha create by bas

    more than 7 months I ask bas to create it and to integrate it in the bas

    but the bas developer doesn't want to do it and add it and I don't understand why

    as many sites are moving away from recaptcha v2 for hcaptcha by now

    and very sad that in 2021 still it is thought that certain things are not important to

    add sooner or later I hope they realize it

    when people don't go ahead with their plans for a stupid hcaptcha to solve it starts

    to get a little sad and frustrating

    and plus many site start put invisible hcaptcha

    I've been using bas for over three years now and I'm happy to use it

    and until now they have been efficient and there was barely a problem

    such as adding the plugin for recaptcha v3 has been added in a very short time

    so I hope they add this blessed owner plugin as well to resolve hcaptcha as well

    not because I ask for it but why it has become an important thing to add

    as already many sites are migrating and putting hcaptcha

    have a good day

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