Test if found word matches a list of variables?

  • Heres what I'm trying to do, I'm trying to read a chat log, and test if that chat log has a found word from a list of variables.

    Let's say my variables is bot, bots, Bot, Bots then i want it to respond based on that. I did this about 1 year ago but my project file doesn't seem to be the correct one....

    I remember doing a IF then used .match("bot") | ("bots") | ("Bot") | ("Bots")

    Can anyone remind me how I do it?

    thanks in advance

  • Key - || means OR

    [[CHAT_LOG]].indexOf("Bot") >=0 || [[CHAT_LOG]].indexOf("Bots") >=0 [[CHAT_LOG]].indexOf("bots") >=0

    Repeat for as many words needed

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