Google - can't find the iframe to accept the conditions.

  • Hello everyone, first I want to apologize for my bad English, since I do not master it.

    I'm new to bas and I'm doing a little google search script and looping the first 3 pages (no click) is just to control the position in the sherp.

    I have purchased the fingerprint license and create profiles.

    My working method is as follows:

    I create a random profile with fingerprint, then I load that profile, I browse about 30 different pages of the sector of my niche to have a history, then, I associate a residence proxy, I go to google and here my problems begin.

    I get an image like the one that I attach (it asks me to accept the google policy, I suppose that because it is a new profile, when I am in editor mode, it perfectly finds the iframe and I can work with it but when I work in production with multi-threads, I don't find and stay there in loop. any solution? thanksalt textalt text

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