How to Upload a File over POST to

  • This is the API of

    GET: 'https:\\{Your-API-KEY}'
    "hostname":"https:\\", // Upload Server
    "path":"/v2/api/upload", // Upload Path
    "upload_id":{"user_id":"13"}, // Your User ID
    "status":200 // Status
    POST: hostname+path // Example: https:\\
    Data: {upload_id:user_id,file:'Your File'}
    Response: '

    I first grabbed the Hostname, Path, UID and that was easy.
    but now im somehow stuck at uploading it to the server.

    It uploads a file but it has 0 bytes and it doesnt work.

    Screenshot of Post

    if i open file.mp4, i can watch the movie, but if i upload it and visit the responded link, not.

    Thanks for helping me ;)

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