BrowserAutomationStudio 13.0.0 has been released.

  • Main change in 13 version is ability to wait for full page load.
    Most of the times developers don't need to use complex custom waiters now. Page load is detected automatically with "Wait Full Page Load" action.


    For example, to login web application you need to input login, password and hit "Login" button, and than new success page or fail page will load.

    With old versions, you have to build complex queries and use cycles to wait for login result. In new version all you need to do is just to check clock icon.


    With clock icon checked browser will wait for next page load. This action can also wait for ajax queries.

    Using clock icon is equivalent for using "Wait Full Page Load" after original action.

    Another innovation is startup screen.

    There is also a lot of small compatibility fixes and improvements.

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