BrowserAutomationStudio 23.1.0 has been released

  • This version is the result of team work, so there are more changes than usual. Initially it was planned to release it in a week, but development took an entire month.

    Actions search.

    Action search has been completely redesigned. The basic idea is that now you can enter a search query, and BAS will return a list of actions which matches best this query. Here are the key features:

    • Search is performed by following factors: action name, action description, documentation, module name, the name of the variables and a the keywords.
    • Search results are a combination of different factors. For example, if the selected query is found both in the action documentation and in the action title, then this increases the relevance of the result.
    • It is not necessary to enter the exact same query as action name to get the result, typos and word swaps are allowed.
    • New search interface supports multiple pages, highlighting, displaying actions descriptions.
    • At least some description has been added to each action, so it will be displayed in the search results.

    Action search is developed by @Oyasumi-Punpun

    Working with Node.js.

    In this and in the next versions, we will add new modules that are implemented using Node.js. This is why the integration with this language has been greatly improved. The installation process was the major subject of change. The idea was to make it easy, efficient and fast as possible. Here are the main changes:

    • Added v12.18.3 Node.js version.
    • Fixed problems with exceeding the maximum path length during installation.
    • BAS now ships with the latest distribution of the language to avoid delay while downloading it.
    • Node.js packages used in FTP and Archive modules are now preinstalled.
    • All installation operations take place in separate threads, this allows to keep user interface responsive during installation.
    • Node.js package installation log is displayed when clicking on the corresponding button. This makes package installation errors easier to track down.
    • Improved install logs, a simple log is displayed in the user interface, and a detailed one is saved to file.
    • The process of installing the language has been redesigned, common errors have been fixed, timeouts have been added, restart of the entire install process takes place in case of an error.
    • The interface of installation window has been improved.
    • Fixed issues with code reuse when using files.

    New interface:


    The first launch of the application using the FTP and Archive module took 3.1 seconds, restarting took 0.07 seconds.

    However, your results may differ. Mostly it depends on how fast PC can handle file copying.

    We hope that this update will make it possible use Node.js in BAS applications more frequently, since the risks associated with using the language are minimal, and the benefits are huge.

    FTP/SSH module.

    In addition to the standard upload and download of files and folders, this module allows you to work with files on the server in the same way as on a hard drive. In fact, some of actions from FTP module has same parameters as actions from "File System" module.

    Another useful feature is connection caching. For example, when using module in a loop, the connection will not be recreated each time when action is used. After a configurable period of inactivity, the connection will close automatically.

    This module allows not only access server file system, but it also has action which allows to execute arbitrary commands on the server. See "Run command (SSH)" action.

    This module is well documented, so you just need to open any action to get more information.

    Additional modules are written in Node.js and disabled by default. You can enable them on the main page:

    When running compiled application, Node.js will not be install if none of the actions from FTP or Archive modules has been used.

    FTP module is developed by @GhostZ

    HTTP client

    The libcurl version has been updated to 7.71.1 and openssl to 1.1.1g. This will allow using modern encryption methods for the http client.

    The HTTP client now understands complex values in the Location header, the behavior was copied from the latest version of Chrome. For example, a redirect to such a URL will be processed correctly ../../test.php

    The HTTP client now resubmits the request content for 307 and 308 statuses.

    Running compiled applications.

    Application for running compiled scripts has been updated. Now, when updating script through the site, the contents of the script folder will not be copied on user machine, therefore, the installation will be much faster.

    The folder will be recreated only if the BAS version is updated. When using Node.js and BAS version has been updated, Node.js will be reinstalled. Previously, node.js files were copied to the new folder from the old one which may lead to bugs later.

    It is recommended for script authors to recompile the application and distribute to clients. But this is not mandatory.

    Protection system.

    Protection system has been significantly improved. Around 10 big changes were made. Unfortunately, we cannot talk about each change, otherwise it may compromise new methods. But here are 2 of them:

    1. All scripts in server database has been encrypted, this makes impossible to receive the script code from site on any circumstances.

    2. Script protection is partly moved to server, therefore this mechanism is less vulnerable.

    As a consequence of the second point, the source code of the application is now impossible to obtain (even if somehow the protection is removed), it simply never gets sent client.

    When compiling, you can now select the protection strength of the application:

    Computation are moved from the client to the server, which means that running large scripts on the client will be faster.

    It is now impossible to upload the script to the server through the website. This can only be done via Menu -> Compile.

    !IMPORTANT The new protection will only work after the script is upgraded to BAS version 23.1.0 or higher. It is recommended to do this as soon as possible.

  • @support said in BrowserAutomationStudio 23.1.0 has been released:

    ill only work after the script is upgraded to BAS version 23.1.0 or higher. It is re

    Great update! Whats on list for next? :)

  • Upgrade of NodeJS is BEST THING EVER! Nice one, bablosoft team!
    from the logs: Failed at the ref@1.3.5 install script.
    2235f08e-51c9-43ea-9500-ef0d2d1b189b-image.png -

  • @gudolik Mobile fingerprints, new interface for selecting variables and resources, excel module and sql module.

  • @Hycore ref requires c++ code compilation, so it can fail. In new version you can check node package installation log by clicking on "Show log" button. This may help to troubleshoot error.

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  • @support will you please check

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