[[SAVED_IP_ADDRESS]] == "undefined" - If Loop using Labels not working

  • Im trying to setup a way for system to check proxy inside a function.
    The proxy is taken from a list.
    If the proxy fails i want to restart the loop to go to the beginning and pull new IP

    Im using "Label" for a loop

    So the logic im using to check to see if the good proxy saved to variable [[SAVED_IP_ADDRESS]]

    I use if statement and check for [[SAVED_IP_ADDRESS]] == "undefined" ( meaning proxy check failed)
    But it does not catch the failed ip and results in end of thread without loop

    [04:58:34] Thread #1 : Failed to get proxy ip

    i used variable inspector and it says SAVED_IP_ADDRESS: "undefined"

    so shouldnt using [[SAVED_IP_ADDRESS]] == "undefined" be ok?


  • typeof [[VAR]] == 'undefined'

  • @selector thank you!

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