New with BAS

  • Hello Everyone.

    I manage an agency and I am very interested in BAS for develop so many bots.
    But I have some questions that I want to clarify:

    1. Is it posible to run a bot from another program, passing some parameters?
      If it is possible, can you share some article wheres I can see how to do it?

    2. Is it possible communicate a bot with my database through REST-API calls.
      Bassically, I need to grab some parameters from my database thru REST-API calls,
      and then store some scraped information thru the REST-API calls too.
      If it is possible, can you share some articles where I can see how to do it?

    3. Is it possible to scrape search results.
      E.G.: I want to perform a LinkedIn search, and store the results into an array.
      For each result I need the bot identify the name, the job title, the location of the LinkedIn user.
      How can I do it with BAS? With XPath? Do you have any Computer-Vision or Image Processing solution for non-skilled people?
      Can I handle an array variable inside BAS, and for then pass such variable to my database thru REST-API?
      Can you share some articles where I can see how to do it?

    4. Do you have any article about how can I start and stop a Multilogin profile from BAS?

    I would really appreciate of someone can answer.


  • @leandros All this seems to be available or easy to complete to use.

    • has built-in Image Processing
    • XPath
    • You can interact with any REST-API via http client

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