Simple web page scraper needed

  • Hello,
    I am trying to create this myself, but if there is someone here who can create it for me, quickly, easily and cheaply then I would be happy to pay someone.

    The job is a simple 'best books list' scraper, to scrape one site for its top books lists.

    Here is the site, with the book lists:

    Here is what I need:

    #1 Go to a book list (this can be user input when opening the bot)
    EG: This list:

    #2: For each book in that list, go to the book page.

    #3. Scrape various elements.
    EG: Book title, Book author name, Book description, number of reviews, ratings number, number of pages, publication date...
    PLUS get ISBN number and add it to the end of an Amazon URL (which creates a link to the book page on Amazon).
    PLUS get the image URL

    #4. Write all scraped info to a file, to be converted to a csv (one row per book).

    #5 there are up to 100 books per page, scrape data for every book.

    That's all. Yes, I could probably do it myself, and am almost there but it's taking me too long to figure out a few details.

    'Optional extras'

    #1 For each book: click on the Amazon link and go to the book's Amazon page and scrape the number of reviews and ratings from Amazon also, plus book cover image on Amazon (sometimes different to the one on this site).

    #2 Add option to visit next page in list EG: books 101-200 and scrape them also (add user input for how many pages to scrape).

    That's all, thanks.

  • Hello,

    Im experianced with scraping tasks.
    I can do this for you.
    Sent you chat message to discuss further.
    Check your chat please.

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