New Bas version 23.2.0 deleted my whole project file

  • Hello.

    Few days ago I updated to version 23.2.0 from 23.1.1. I was working on project with http client, so my code was http requests mostly. I finished the project in version 23.1.1 and compiled the code and everything worked fine. After that I had to do some updates for the bot so I started working again on same script I already have created, but http client started working strange and sometimes wont scrape data with same http request I already tested earlier, so I updated BAS to v 23.2.0.

    After that update everything worked good again for a day or two, and than last night http client started working strange again and wont work properly, So I restarted BAS. But after restart BAS DELETED my whole new project XML file with all new code I added. It simply opened empty new project file.

    But besides that it deleted my work completely, BAS still dont work properly with http client and http requests. Old code that I imported to newest BAS version still work fine (http requests are properly executed), but new requests I code on v23.2.0 wont work properly - sometimes they scrape data and sometimes not. All http requests are sent to same site, and new requests I wrote in v23.2.0 and added to project that worked in v23.1.1 wont work any more. So I guess that something is wrong with http client in BAS.

    I cant even work with http client in v23.2.0 anymore properly. For example request I send works fine and scrapes data I need, but few minutes later same request to same GET response (I check in http snifre that its same and its definitevly last, and I dont send any new GET requests in meantime) gives empty result. Than I send that same GET request again and query it with xpath again and it gives correct result agan, but after few minutes that same xpath request again gives empty result, and I dont do anything between those 2 xpath queris.

    In short http client or xpath module are not working properly for me on Windos 7, and its impossibe to work normaly, as I worked for 3-4 years on BAS.

    And one more issue that I encounter on this new 23.2.0 version is when work in record mode. When I click on interupt button to stop the bot, BAS writes it down in console log but continues to work until I click it again and then stops.

    All in all, I cant code properly in this new 23.2.0 version but had simmilar issues in previous version, and thats why updated it on my windows 7 machine.

    So what you suggest? To wait for new version, or to instal some older version? Currently cant work properly with http client and xpath queris against GET requests response like before, something is definitely WRONG.

  • @GaG Look for the projectbackups folder in BrowserAutomationStudio, you can find old versions of the .xml script there.

  • I already did but all projects from backup of that file acts the same, they open user input screen and when I click on it they just delete themselves and project file which was 182 kb becomes empty project file of 18 kb.

    So it must be that something in code breaks BAS code and it deletes itself, but I cant determine what is the cause of that, Might be something unsafe that BAS detects. Maybe someon from @support can know what could be the reason.

  • And here is a note for the developer>

    Regarding BAS wont stop in record mode, it happens only when I create a new function on imported project. So after that when I hit interrupt button BAS writes error message in log window - error occured aborted by user, but not in red colour but in white as regular execution log messages by user. But bot continues to work until its hit again and than stops with regular red message,

    So I copied all code blocks from newly created function directly in existing function on place where it was nested and started bot again and that solved issue about bot not stopping in record mode, and stopped from firs click on interupt button with red message aborted by user.

    I saw that functions panel is updated in newest version, so report this behavior.

  • Updated version of BAS - 23.2.1 solved most of the issues I had.
    I opened backup version of project file in text editor and rebuild
    it in new BAS version 23.2.1.

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