Recaptcha2 solving always fails in newest version

  • Hey,

    since i updated BAS to 23.2.1 recaptcha2 makes me huge troubles. In the recording mode it mostly works but in the run mode and in the compiled appclication it always fails because it cant find the element. The failure code is: Thread #1 : Waiting for element >CSS> :nth-child(24) > :nth-child(2) > iframe >FRAME> >CSS> :nth-child(3) > :nth-child(3) > :nth-child(1) > :nth-child(1) > img .
    I do everything like before the update when it works and implementing recaptch2 solving into BAS it soo easy it should work.
    PS: I used solving recaptcha2 thousands of times in my time with BAS. I use 2captcha and capmonster but none is working outside recording mode:////.

    I have no idea and i wish i had back the old version


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