Browser settings + Fingerprint

  • I have a key for fingerprint service and I'm using it with default settings on my script.
    Wanted to know what settings should I choose on "Browser settings"?

    Attached a photo. Thanks.


  • If default settings works fine in your case,
    than nothing has to be changed, Only if
    target site wont work properly - eg. uses
    webRTC or Canvas to identify unique user,
    you should change those settings.

  • @GaG Attached a photo with my "Apply fingerprint" settings also. I'm also using a proxy on each thread.

    The problem is that the website somehow identify me but only if I open 300-500 threads. If I open only 100-150 threads everything is good.

    Also each thread have it's own Profile


  • I'm also just starting out with BAS and bought a 3 months key for FP switcher service. I'm wondering if I use FP switcher service (incl. "PerfectCanvas") if I have to make changes to the "Browser settings" (screenshot from the 1st post) at all? So let it at standard settings (Flash, WebRTC, Canvas set to "Turn off") and use the "Get Fingerprint" and "Apply Fingerprint" actions in BAS script and all settings including Canvas, WebRTC... are emulated?

  • @andreiem Fingerprint на автомате меняется при применении ключа

  • можно профили греть но мне хватает Fingerprint ключ вбил и норм отпечатки плюс свои мобильные прокси и банов нет

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