• What company/provider do you use to buy VPS/dedicated server for BAS?


  • @andreiem I do not recommend using vps.
    it is better to use vds or dedicated

  • Im using VDS from >


    Its Russian company, but they have many locations
    arround the world. Russian configurations are cheapest
    and they oftenly have some promotions for Russian

    All their "VPS" are actually VDS servers because they use
    KVM full virtualization, so its KVM VPS or VDS for short.

    They also have dedicated servers in Russia and around
    the world. Try it its a good company, I used them for years
    for hosting and for BAS bots on their VDS structure.

    You can install your own OS yourself or can choose
    from Linux/Windows preinstalled servers. You can order
    VDS with preinstalled OS and later install whatever OS
    you need from your own uploaded iso file.

  • VDS-servers

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