Need one script made with the possibility of 30+ more ordered

  • I need a way to scrape for certain gift card numbers and also i need to be able to check gift card numbers and pins to pull the correct balances off so I can resell cards. I buy cards from the public and then resell online. I want to be able to automate checking the cards my customers sell me. Right now im manually checking via phone or website. For example i have one company that gives me the <Company Name> <Business ID Number> <Card Number> <Pin> i need to be able to plug that in a website and pull the correct balance so i can buy the cards from them. Message me so we can talk more I can give working card numbers and websites. Will pay upfront if needed prefer to see some working product before paying 100% have been ripped off by scammers. Msg me here or email me at

  • Contacted you over chat,
    please check it.

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