FingerprintManager 2.0.0 has been released

  • The new version of FingerprintManager adds the ability to perform humanlike activities on specified profiles. These profiles will visit selected pages or pages from the search results and perform actions that are similar to those performed by an ordinary users. Thus, sites will take into account this visits, save their history, etc. As a result, you can get a list of profiles with the browser history. They will have a higher degree of trust compared to the profiles that have visited the site for the first time.

    Here are some of the features of the update:


    Application makes uses scheduler, which means that you don't need to keep the FingerprintManager open in order to work. It is enough just to set the profile settings, and humanlike activities will take place in the background.

    Individual schedule for each profile.

    Each profile has its own schedule. This means that it will be much more difficult to link him to the rest of profiles. Unlike launching a project that uses a list of profiles, this approach will not create abnormal spikes of visits on site.

    Bulk profiles configuration.

    Using the improved interface, you can configure, create or run multiple profiles at once. Wherever you see this button, it is possible to set the selected value immediately for the list of profiles. For example, to specify a list of sites for performing humanlike activities, you need to fill in the appropriate field, then click on the bulk configuration button and select a list of profiles.

    During profile creation process, it is now possible to specify the number of profiles.

    Search queries automatic generation.

    It is very simple to start humanlike activities, you don't need to enter any data for this. List of search queries will be generated automatically according to the profile's ip. Default values for other settings can be used as well without changing anything, but you can always change them at profile page.


    On following video, you can see how 10 profiles are created, for each profile humanlike activities gets started immediately. Starting humanlike activities at the same time is used only for demonstration purposes. It is recommended to use automatic mode, in this case profiles will be launched severally.


    How to use application.

    1. You can download FingerprintManager2 from the personal cabinet after purchasing FingerprintSwitcher key. Please make sure that you download the second version of the application, because there are different links to version 1.0 and 2.0.

    2. To start humanlike activities for a specific profile, select "Humanlike emulation" from the menu.

    1. In the window that appears, select the type of humanlike emulation and click the "Start humanlike emulation now" button. "on demand" option means that emulation will be started immediately after user hits button. If using "automatic" option, emulation will be scheduled and will start automatically later.

    1. Humanlike emulation settings can be changed on the same page or on profile page.

    An additional project will be launched to perform humanlike activities, you can find it in the tray bar.

    This project will work as long as there is at least one profile with active humanlike emulation. After turning off emulation on the last profile, the project will be automatically stopped.


    The application was developed by @Fox.


    The project is still in beta stage. This means that bugs can occur. It is recommended to copy old profiles before using new version. The FingerprintManager2 discussion is in a separate section.

  • There is no download link in the personal cabinet please explain in which exact section. It's impossible to find the download link.

  • @knecht77 said in FingerprintManager 2.0.0 has been released:

    There is no download link in the personal cabinet please explain in which exact section. It's impossible to find the download link.

    Write to me in a pm your login to check the problem.

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