Recaptcha sitekey via http

  • Is there anyway to find a recaptcha sitekey through http requests? I am interacting with the twitch api via and on occasion get served with a google captcha that am i unsure how to solve as i cannot find the site key. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  • Update. I have found the correct sitekey and am now able to solve the captcha accordingly. However when I send a http request to login with the json payload containing the user, pass and compelted captcha token I receive json back saying that the Captcha is incorrect. I am using the following json payload via POST:
    "username": [[user]],
    "password": [[pass]],
    "client_id": [clientid],
    "g-recaptcha-response": [[solvedtoken]]

  • Bump. Help me stop starring into the abyss till I get this fixed.


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