How to save all the logs in database together with created accounts information

  • Hello,

    I need to save all the logs together with the created accounts in the database, so each account should have his own logs data, how to do it? Thanks

  • @Dasium create 1 more table in the format base for example:
    where at least 2 columns: account id and logs.
    by the account identifier, you can find the records of a specific user.
    you can also column the time of adding a record to the database

  • @tet-vivi I didn't understand.

    Let's say I want to create 10 different website accounts, one after an other, using 2 Threads, so each Thread will create 5 accounts.

    Let's say After creation I will have in the database 9 accounts, because there was an error with the creation of 1 account.

    How can I save on the database the Logs for each website account together with the account email and so to find what happened to the 1 account not created?

    Because in the logs windows that I see, all the logs are shown together of all the 10 accounts.

    And I cannot identify what are the logs for each account creation and save

    Column A - column B - LOGS

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