I run 5 threads but 2 neither start, I have 60% free RAM (4GB) and free CPU, without running other softwares

  • sometimes 3 doesn't start, sometimes 1.

    I get this error " Thread ended with message "Query limit reached" "

    My computer is not super powerful but still can run 10 browsers at the same time with 10 tabs each and other heavy softwares without problems.

    what's the problem?


  • You most likely use fingerprints according to that error message.
    So pay for premium fingerprint and youll be able to start new
    thread every 3 seconds. You can even increase this limit if you
    bind your ip in premium fingerprints.

    If you dont pay for premium limit is 3 minutes, so you can start new
    thread with new fingerprint every 3 minutes.

  • @GaG it's not that the problem because I also run simple scripts without fingerprints just to open a webpage click here and there, but the execution it's so slow that the mouse doesn't move at all or really slow that in 1 minute doesn't do nothing.

    If I restart the computer then goes a little faster but not as it should be or as fast as when run a single thread.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @GaG from your experience when you execute 5 threads go fast as when testing on record mode?

  • Try with 1-2 threads if it work faster then the problem is Your cpu.
    Try to optimize Your script, check bablosoft wiki at least for help.

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