Spotify Botting Browserless Super fast using BAS

  • Hello guys,

    We've come with an expert solution to spotify botting with 100% success. Its a masterpiece solution with a lot of benefits.
    You will get an guide along with all required files to get back to spotify playing very easily.

                             **DEMO VIDEO:**

    Normal tool + guide:

    • An guide explaining how to set up the script and how to use it with Browser Automation Studio

    • Browserless - You will not be using the browser to play spotify music, its socket based

    • Fully control - Yes, you can fully control the spotify client, send requests like: Play a music, Stop a music, get information about music and much more!

    • Not using the official api - Yes, we will not be using the official api since it has a lot of limitations, we fully emulate the internal spotify api!

    • Can use free acounts - Yes, you can use free accounts to play any music or playlist, there will be no limitations and no advertising!

    • Proxy support - you can use http or socks proxy (also with login/pass auth)

    • Very low traffic usage - Since we are not loading the spotify site nor interacting with any of web elements the data usage is very low! you can even set the stream quality to low/medium and will be only 200kb per music stream usage!

    • Very low cpu/memory usage - up to 90% less cpu/memory usage then using spotify web player

    • Super fast! - up to 80% faster then using spotify web player

    • Easy to integrate

    Special tool + guide:

    • All normal tools functions
    • Play as mobile or tablet - Yes! You can set this option and spotify will accept your stream as it coming from mobile, you can even set mobile phone type
    • Multithread - You can open as many players as you want, the memory and processor usage is very low, so you can open up to 30 - 50 threads for each computer with medium spec.
      each thread will have its own login/pass, session, player and music playing (as you desire)
    • Premium Support

    Limits of selling:

    Since this is an exclusive and high demanding method, we will limit on how many copies will be available (30)

    Bas integration/support:

    We will provide informations (guide/pdf) on how to fully control the system using BAS, we assume that the user has medium/high experience with BAS scripting. WE WILL NOT TEACH HOW TO USE BAS FUNCTIONS, ETC.
    We will also not help you integrate the system into your own code, that is up to you and very simple.
    The premium support will be used only for the system/guide related issues.
    Not working on VPS/ Windows Server 2010, 2012, 2017, etc due to compatibility issues.
       **DEMO VIDEO:**
     Guide + Normal tool: U$159,95 (one time fee)
     Guide + Special Tools: U$199,95 (one time fee)

  • The user @basmail claims that this person is a fraudster.

  • @Fox said in Spotify Botting Browserless Super fast using BAS:

    The user @basmail claims that this person is a fraudster.

    Yes he is!
    He sold me a non working open source tool which is NOT working nowadays

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