account register issue

  • Hi for all,

    I made an account register script with BAS for auto register accounts.
    I use browser, change IP of each request, change user agent also, but looks like something not as is must be.
    I start to run the program with 1 thread.

    • if I don't use sleep between processes then I'm able to register around 2 accounts / DAY
    • if I use 5 minutes sleep in loop process then I'm able to register around 10 accounts / DAY
    • if I use 15 minutes sleep in loop process then I'm able to register around 50 accounts / DAY

    I please you, if you already made this script point me to the right way, where I made mistake.
    Thank you

  • @edamo71 Use fingerprint

  • You need valid canvas fingerprint, unique does not work

  • @tipston244
    Thank you! Please explain, what you mean "valid canvas fingerprint". If I use the BAS fingerprint service it's will good for this?

  • @edamo71 not last i checked, BAS makes a unique canvas fingerprint. Pretty sure GMX and need a non unique canvas, for which you only have one of. I gave up on it, I could be wrong though

  • @tipston244
    Thanks for your time.....
    Unfortunately not much positive changes after I started to use BAS fingerprint service (this is the free version, but for the tests must be good).
    Now, here is the issue list about gmx registration, step-by-step:

    • 1, After clicked the "Sign up" button some times got error: "The Requested URL Was Rejected. Please Consult With Your Administrator", and not load the sign up form.
    • 2, After clicked the "Check" button for check availability of the new mailbox name, got error: "Technical error....."
    • 3, After clicked the form's submit button ("I agree....") then possible to got two different errors:
      -- A: "OOOPS...."
      -- B: "Irregular activity detected...."
      ....and the registration process DIED.

    Right now I tried:
    1 VPS --> 1 BAS --> 1 thread --> loop set for 6 minutes ---> Result: different error messages, some success registration
    2 VPS --> 1-1 BAS --> 1-1 thread --> loop set for 6 minutes, but 3 minutes difference between VPS ---> Result: exactly the same as before

    • I use "new, fresh" IP over VPN for each connection (I have a large pool)
    • As I said, I use fingerprint
    • Also I use anti-gate captcha solver service

    Any idea - help, please?

    Ohhh, I forget:
    But when I use Chrome browser, and try to create account, then from 10 times I got 9 times success.

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