VCC (Virtual credit card) Service! Portugal and USA cards.

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  • @mavotof said in VCC (Virtual credit card) Service! Portugal and USA cards.:


    I would like to offer a VCC service. These cards are from banks I own, (fully legal).
    I can provide Portugal cards and cards from the USA.

    Portugal VCC, BIN type - CREDIT price: $1.00 - up to 100 cards. 100+ cards price is $0.50 USD $0.00 balance cards.
    Portugal cards are great, if you need a card to verify paypal, (Only if your paypal or bank is in Portugal region).
    These are also great If you would like to test trials on sites, like spotify or apple so on, without using your own credit card!

    United states VCC BIN type - DEBIT price: $15 + 30% of the balance you need loaded on the card.
    I can also do $0.00 balance on USA cards Price: $5
    These cards can be added to paypal or other banks to verify your account, USA ONLY!

    Are these cards prepaid? - No, these cards BINS(short for bank identification number), are classified as real Debit and or Credit cards.

    Can I use these cards on azure, google cloud so on? - Yes, but only USA cards, you will have to pay for a balance for the authorization charge.

    Can you provide bulk cards and how long till I get the cards? - Yes I can provide any amount of cards requested. It can take couple minutes to 1 day depending on how large your order is.

    How can I purchase? - Please contact me through PM on Bablosoft forum, or leave your contact below for skype, discord or telegram!

    What payment methods do you accept? - I accept ONLY Bitcoin or other forms of crypto currency!
    @mavotof hello, i have some questions

    Can i use them on Spotify?
    Do i need to use portugal ip with vcc?

    And can i get a free one for vouch

  • @nicovevo Yes you can use them for Spotify or any trial website. For some website you must use portugal IP yes, like netflix you need residential clean IP or they will deny the VCC, using VPN so on wont work for netflix. As for Spotify no, you don't need Portugal IP. Just change your account region to Portugal, you will need to find a real Portugal zipcode to use with your card you can use this website:

    Yes, sure. I can send you a free one if you agree to leave a vouch after, feel free to DM me.

  • @mavotof thank u, used for spotify+vouch

  • Offering to 4 more people free vouch copy of the service. I Can send 1x cards only for Portugal must leave review after. If interested PM me, or respond here!

  • I get one Portugal VCC for vouch copy
    Opened a Paypal account for a Portuguese citizen. I used fake name + Portuguese number to receive SMS. I opened an account and linked my card. Now all limits have been lifted. Now I can use my paypal account. The seller is good. I recommend buying. I will try on other services and supplement my review

    alt text
    alt text

  • 3 free vccs remains! If you would like one in exchange for a review please DM me.

  • @mavotof Pm please

  • Shiraki#9841 Contact me please, I'm interested!

  • @nicovevo said in VCC (Virtual credit card) Service! Portugal and USA cards.:


    @mavotof i'm interested to buy a Portugal cards, all I need is a card with the best BIN YOU HAVE, Like the BIN card issued by the local bank. the bin on the card (the first 6 digits on the card) should look real and good as the bin issued by the local bank. So It must be rare and different from the virtual card. please take a look at your pm and reply me ASAP

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